Monday, April 25, 2011

Not Like A Birthday

Growing up, the day after my birthday was always a bit disappointing. The party was over, the presents unwrapped, the guests gone. I often grew either bratty (as a young child) or depressed (as a teenager). I'd muse on the day before and wish every day could be my birthday.

I think about that when I think about Easter and my baptism.

First, Easter: A Holy Experience does a great job at celebrating what the day AFTER Easter offers and means. I'll let you go there and ponder her words on your own.

I strongly believe that Easter is not over. Jesus is being resurrected every day. Each time we reach out and do a good deed - not for our own gratification, but in honor of Christ - Jesus lives on. Each time we love with abandon and devotion, Jesus lives on. Each time we raise our arms and admit that we can't "do it" by ourselves and need God's help, Jesus lives on. There are so many ways we can see Jesus resurrect every day. Open the eyes of your heart.

Now, baptism: That, too, is not a one-time deal. It's not like graduation where you do it only once. As Pastor reminded me today in an email, you don't say I was baptized, but I am baptized. Every morning as I shower, as water washes over me, it parallels the water of baptism. Washing my hands, the dishes - yes, I am God's child once again. Every day is new. Just like we can see Jesus anew every day, so can we be born anew with each sunrise.

My baptism and Easter are not like my birthday. Yes, my birthday comes every year, but I do not feel a let-down today, the Monday after Easter. The sun shone for a bit. I listened to wonderful worship music, I felt God's holy light within me. I know that light can shine (pardon the song reference) every single day of my life.

Go forth! Share the news that Christ - and you - live abundantly each day!

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