Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Awaken! And Redirect!

Hello, friends!
If you haven't already known, there is a lot going on with me concerning a chronic illness. I started a GoFundMe campaign that exceeded my wildest expectations. May God continue to use it as He sees fit. It will help cover my medical expenses from being treated for chronic lyme disease.
(I keep typing GodFundMe which I think is pretty awesome)

But the big announcement I wanted to make was for you to head on over to a place where I will be writing updates on my treatments, advocating for more awareness on chronic lyme disease, and sharing my faith perspective in the middle of great suffering.

My latest post, in fact, is one seeped in the idea of suffering for God's glory (a la Paul in the New Testament) and how faith can be tested but also strengthened during such times.

I invite you to hop over -

It's okay to travel blogging platforms. The beams won't cross (sorry, Ghostbusters reference out of no where).

Hope to see you there!