Saturday, January 1, 2011

You Can Have Me

"You Can Have Me" by the Sidewalk Prophets -

the ultimate "surrendering to God" song. I'm listening to it a lot lately and it remains one of my favorite songs.

I want to be where you are
I'm running into your arms
And I will never look back
So Jesus here is my heart...

Jesus, I give my self to You.
Bless you.


  1. So nice to meet you here, Lisa. I was delighted to find you over on my Facebook page. It looks like you're getting settled into your place quite nicely here! The World Wide Web is a HUGE place, and I remember when I started blogging, how good it felt to see a familiar name in the comment box.

    And you know what? I still feel that way. :-)

    God bless you as you settle into this new "home."

  2. Thanks, Jennifer! I'm so excited to meet fellow Christian bloggers. And you're right: this is as new "home." And you know what else is ironic? Husband and I just bought our first house this past October. So I'm getting used to two new homes! Blessings to you and I hope we can continue to correspond across the ethers.


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