Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Bare Bones of It

(excerpt from my journal 7-9-11; I felt this spoke for itself)

I found a song - "Draw Me, Lord" by Selah. So holy, so simple, so beautiful. Only these lyrics set to gorgeous harmonies:

Oh draw me, Lord
Oh draw me, Lord
Oh draw me, Lord
And I'll run
After You.

May I lean close to that song.

I realized yesterday, after buying a boat load of Christian living books, that I am searching for that personal relationship with Jesus Christ the wrong way.

I read book after book, but I read more of those than I read The Book - the Bible. His Word.

And I listen eagerly to Faith Radio with Susie Larson and pastors like James McDonald and Chip Ingram. Those people might supplement my walk with Christ, but they won't lead me to His door, directly.

Prayer will.

So these two things - reading the Bible and prayer - that's how I'll form - or rather find - my relationship with Jesus.

I can't make idols of my new phone, busy myself writing blogs about faith, can't read only books penned by mortals and listen to inspirational talk.

I need to get to the bare bones of it.

I can't do it Ann Voskamp's way or Jennifer Dukes Lee's way or Susie Larson's way or Stormie Omartian's way. I have to forge my own path to Jesus. I have to use my own voice to ask, talk, commune with God.

Those ladies I mentioned would want that, anyway. And, moreover, God wants that.

So Lord, I am coming after You. I am opening my ears and eyes and extending my arms. Meet me? Save me? Love me? I so want to have a right relationship with You. Beyond just wanting it because so many other Christians have it and say how wonderful it is. Besides and beyond that, I want You, Lord, to run my life. To guide me. To lift me up. I want to serve and love You.

Forever and ever,



  1. And you, my friend, are fearfully and wonderfully made. So glad he made you, just the way you are.

    Keep forging that path, uniquely designed for you! It's headed toward the Savior!

    Much love ...

  2. Lisa
    I just want you to know that I only just found your letter to me over on Tammy's blogpost, I have answered it but don't know if you would get a notification, since I didn't get one about what you wrote. So sorry. Love you blog and your heart for the Lord. As I said in my other post to you. He has and has had you in the palm of His hand.


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