Thursday, April 4, 2013

And the day came... my first video log...

I never thought I'd be interested in recording myself and my thoughts, much less my singing...

But on Holy Saturday, the day before Easter, I found myself prompted by the Spirit to record, first, the song He put in my heart.

And what followed were a few more videos of both song and reflection.

So with nervous fingers, I upload this video log, oddly called a vlog (and you thought the term "blog" was odd?) for your enjoyment.

I pray that you receive its genuineness.

Many thanks to my husband who, by his own accord, edited my badly-lit videos and tinkered with it in his cool professional videography software. Not all my videos will be this sharp, but I am so thankful to him for his kindness and love and support of my creative pursuits. xoxoxo

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